Football Supporters Australia

It’s often said that football is nothing without the fans. We agree.

For too long, football supporters have not had a voice in the direction of the game in Australia.

We are a collective of football supporters on a mission to advocate for fans in the Australian football leadership. If you would like to join us, subscribe below.

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Football Supporters Australia

About FSA

FSA was founded in October 2017, and is a not-for-profit independent incorporated national association, registered in Victoria.

We are managed by an interim board with representatives from NSW and Victoria, ahead of an inaugural AGM in the first half of 2019.

This meeting will include the elections of office bearers and committee (with geographic and demographic spread), as well as the adoption of a constitution and formal membership structure.

FSA must be inclusive, transparent and accountable to its stakeholders; football supporters

To help us better advocate for the interests of fans and develop policy positions, we are currently running an online national survey to gauge what are the views, priorities and preferences of fans.

We are currently in the process of starting engagement with specific fans groups (clubs and national) across the pyramid or spectrum of football support across Australia.